Travel highlights and upcoming conferences - Update for June 2017

An update on our previous travels and our upcoming conferences.

Vivid Vision brings the most advanced virtual reality vision care platform to Washington, D.C for Optometry’s meeting!

Visit us at booth 109 to try our latest demos, win prizes and take advantage of our show specials!

Check out some of our biggest updates over the past year:

  • The release of our Sports Vision module for AOA
  • Deployment on multiple platforms including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Gear VR.
  • Expanded development team-- check out our team page to see the new faces!
  • Vivid Vision Clinical deployment on laptops-- come try a demo of this new sleek form factor at our AOA booth.
  • Addition of new game modes and activities including Pepper Picker, vergence and Jump Duction.

Be sure to see our accredited CE, OD Talk on Virtual and Augmented Reality hosted by Optometry’s meeting in room 202AB

Check out a few photos from our most recent travels: 

Cris demoing Vivid Vivid Vision at the SIODEC meeting in Toledo, Spain

Manish Gupta and Dr. Tran visit the SRC Melbourne 2017 conference.

Dr. Tran and Dr Dornbos performing free vision screenings at the Michigan State Summer Special Olympic Games

Our team will be attending various conferences along with lecturing at optometry schools across the world. If you are planning to attend or within the vicinity and would like a demonstration please let us know!

AOA 2017 - Washington, DC - June 22nd

ACBO - Sydney, Australia - July 6th

COVT&R - Toronto, Canada - August 18th

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Until next time,

The Vivid Vision Team

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