Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Use of virtual reality to assess and treat weakness in human stereoscopic vision

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Vision Therapy and Virtual Reality Applications

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Binocular treatment for amblyopia in adults and children with low-pass filtering when occlusion therapy fails

Cindy Ho, Yousef M. Shahin, Henry Reis, Stefanie Grenier, Deborah Giaschi @ ARVO 2019

Systematic approach to the treatment of binocular dysfunction using virtual reality

Benjamin T. Backus, Tuan Tran, Brian Dornbos, James Blaha, Manish Gupta, Amina Weed, Monica Fehrs @ COVD 2019

Convergence Insufficiency Treatment Using Virtual Reality

Tressa Malikkal, Tuan Tran, Benjamin T. Backus, Brian D. Dornbos, and Amanda L. Hauns @ COVD 2019

A Vivid Recovery of Stereopsis

Amina Weed, Brian Dornbos, and Tuan Tran @ ICBO 2018


Medical Capital Innovation Competition 2019

1st place, $50k prize

Glaucoma Research Foundation 2018

Perfect Pitch Award, 1st place

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Best Research Demo, 2nd place