About the Optometric Extension Program Foundation (OEP)

The Optometric Extension Program Foundation is an international organization dedicated to the advancement of the discipline of optometry through the gathering and dissemination of information on vision and the visual process.

The Optometric Extension Program Foundation (commonly called OEP or OEPF) was established in 1928 by Drs. AM Skeffington and EB Alexander. OEP has been providing post‐graduate continuing education since that time. OEP offers thousands of continuing education hours annually. These opportunities range from five day courses to two day seminars and are offered at locations throughout the world.

OEP also has a long history of producing and publishing valuable informational materials and publications for optometrists and their staff. This includes the current peer-reviewed journal, Optometry & Visual Performance, (OVP) as well as the historic Journal of Behavioral Optometry (JBO).

You can visit the OEP online store to browse their hundreds of useful vision therapy products, testing materials, reference books, patient information materials, and more.

Is there an Optometrist near me?

The OEP website provides a tool for finding optometrists who specialize in vision therapy. Use their "Find an Optometrist" web page to find an optometrist near you.

To learn more

Visit the OEP website at www.oepf.org

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