About the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD)

The College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD) is a non-profit, international membership association of eye care professionals including optometrists, optometry students, and vision therapists. Established in 1971, COVD provides board certification for optometrists and vision therapists who are prepared to offer state-of-the-art services in:

  • Behavioral and developmental vision care

  • Vision therapy

  • Neuro-optometric rehabilitation

These specialized vision care services develop and enhance visual abilities and correct many vision problems in infants, children, and adults. Vision care provided by all COVD members is based on the principle that vision can be developed and changed. Infants are not born with fully developed visual abilities and that good vision is developed through a learned process.

The COVD International Examination and Certification Board process includes a rigorous evaluation of the eye care professional's knowledge and abilities in providing developmental and behavioral vision care for patients. Optometrists who successfully complete their certification process are Board Certified in Vision Development and Vision Therapy and are designated Fellows of COVD (FCOVD). Vision therapists are certified to work with COVD Fellows as Certified Optometric Vision Therapists (COVT).

Associate members of COVD are practicing optometrists who have not yet completed the Fellowship process. COVD associates are required to participate in professional continuing education to enhance their knowledge and skills in behavioral vision care.

Optometry Students and Residents who are interested in a career that includes vision therapy can also join COVD for free to learn more about this unique and growing area of practice.

COVD Mission Statement

Improving lives by advancing excellence in optometric vision therapy and rehabilitation through education and board certification.

COVD Vision Statement

To drive progress through clinical excellence and research in developmental vision care, optometric vision therapy, and rehabilitation. This will result in wider adoption of optometric vision therapy and increased recognition of its integral role in enhancing learning, productivity, and overall quality of life.

Is there an Optometrist near me?

The College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD) website provides a tool for finding optometrists who specialize in vision therapy and visual rehabilitation. Use their "Locate a Doctor" web page to find an optometrist near you.

To learn more

Visit the COVD website at www.covd.org/


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