About the International Sports Vision Association

The International Sports Vision Association (ISVA) is an interdisciplinary group of professionals dedicated to advancing the field of vision training for athletes of all ages and levels to help them achieve peak athletic performance. Vision, just like speed and strength, is a critical component in how well you play any sport. A growing body of evidence confirms that visual abilities can be strengthened and enhanced by means of appropriate visual training.

International Sports Vision Association Mission

  • Increase public and professional awareness of the positive impact that vision training and enhancement of vision skills can have on athletic performance.
  • Advance the quality and delivery of optometric sports vision care through ongoing education, training, and sharing of research.
  • Encourage coaches, trainers, and others who work with athletes to include Optometrists and Ophthalmologists with expertise in sports/performance vision as a part of a performance enhancement team.
  • Reduce the risk of traumatic vision and head-related injuries (i.e., concussions) through education about protective devices and equipment.

About Sports Vision

Sports Vision, the science of helping athletes reach peak levels of performance through the enhancement of visual skills, is becoming more and more important in training individuals of many sports, Sports vision tests and training can help athletes determine how well their eyes perform, beyond a basic ability to see letters and objects clearly on a standard eye chart.

By discovering if any weaknesses lie in these areas, trainers may have an opportunity to help an athlete enhance not only these visual skills, but also the resulting performance in their sport. Athletes that use their visual system to its maximum potential will gain optimal performance and a competitive edge.

Optometrists with expertise in sports vision assessment and training, along with other professionals such as ophthalmologists, athletic trainers, and coaches can work together to train athletes and improve visual function, leading to improved performance.

To learn more

Visit the ISVA website at sportsvision.pro


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