Revolutionary changes in vision therapy with Dr. David Grisham

"The biggest difference is that younger patients clamor to get in the door. They want to come to clinic to have their in house or in office therapy session. Because we use the virtual reality system on most of our cases now because it has so much potential to train so many different visual skills and the kids enjoy it so much. What's neat is that they're actually learning skills in a virtual world, but it is a world - that they have to coordinate their entire body, it's not static like it has been before. "  

Welcome to the Vivid Vision Spotlights podcast! On this episode we are joined by Dr. David Grisham is a pediatric and developmental optometrists at the Vision Academy in San Francisco and a senior lecturer at the UC Berkeley School of Optometry. Join us for a fascinating and insightful conversation on the cutting edge of vision therapy. 

Show Notes 

45:00 Dr. Grishams journey through optometry. 
1:00 Why is vision care important to Dr. Grisham?
3:00 Optometry is becoming more medical. 
4:00 At what point is vision therapy no longer a viable option?
5:00 Dealing with medical professionals that might be skeptical about vision therapy. 
6:00 Vision therapy results with patients are validating.
7:40 What exactly is happening in the brain when it undergoes vision therapy?
11:00 What will the future of vision therapy look like? 
12:40 Adults with amblyopia might still have a chance at developing binocular vision.
15:00 What are the latest discoveries in vision care? 

18:00 Closing thoughts. 

Thanks very much to Dr. Grisham for coming on the show!

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