Vivid Vision Newsletter for April/May

We take a moment to explain why virtual reality technologies make so much sense for vision therapy.

Our newsletter will provide you with a healthy stream of progress updates and news on everything regarding Vivid Vision. On this edition, we want to share a few exciting pieces of news!

Vivid Vision Spotlights Podcast

We have a very special 4 part series of episodes of our Spotlights Podcast to share with you from the month of May featuring the legendary Susan Barry. On our first episode Dr. Barry shares her insights of the vision therapy field, what it means to take ownership over one's own therapy and more!

Dr. Susan Barry is a neuro biologist and the author of "Fixing my Gaze". Her TED talk inspired James to start the company more than two and a half years ago! You can get in touch with her via this email:

We're Starting the Vivid Vision Home Beta! 

The Home Beta for GearVR will be live in July! Invites will be sent in waves. Find out more about the Home Beta and sign up for it by following this link

A sneak peek of the Vivid Vision Home Beta running on a GearVR!

Why is VR Perfect for Vision Therapy?

We take a moment to explain why virtual reality technologies make so much sense for vision therapy.  Check out our blog post to learn more on this subject!

Vivid Vision in the News!

We were featured on CCTV America and KQED(NPR) for being part of the Neurogaming conference in San Francisco. 

Quote of the Month

"Until I had used Vivid Vision, I had never seen in three dimensions. After 11 failed driving tests over 15 years, I finally passed! Thanks to your amazing software, I feel like a normal person and not a disabled one anymore."  

-Chris S, 31 years old

Meet the Vivid Vision Team

Our team will be attending various conferences along with lecturing at optometry schools across the world.  If you are planning to attend or within the vicinity and would like a demo, please let us know!

AOA Optometry Meeting : June 28th - July 2nd

Colorado Vision Summit:  July 16th 

Australasian College of Behavioral Optometrists: July 22nd -24th

Dr. Tran and James will be doing a Reddit AMA in July, stay tuned for a date. 

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Until next time,

The Vivid Vision Team

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