The challenges facing the vision therapy field and the search for a 'magic bullet' solution to amblyopia with Dr. Susan Barry

Vivid Vision Spotlights are a series of talks and conversations with experts and patients standing at the vanguard of vision science.We probe deep into their stories and experiences using Vivid Vision, living with vision ailments and more. Dr. Susan Barry is a neuro biologist and the author of "Fixing my Gaze". We are grateful she was able lend us a few minutes of her time. Here are some highlights of our conversation (you can access our full discussion via this link).

"To me vision therapy was a lot like learning how to play the piano, in that it required practice, it required taking problems that I had and breaking them down and figuring out step-by-step how to resolve them. And it required active attention on my part, it wasn’t just, 'I’m just going to sit there and do what the therapist says, and not think about what I’m doing, or what I’m seeing.'”

Here is a snippet of all the subjects we covered: 

30: The state of the vision therapy field today.

1:30 The greatest challenges facing the field of vision therapy today.

2:20 The reasons why vision therapy is not a house hold thing yet.

7:00 Why is it that opthalmologist and optometrist don't work together better.

9:00 Why is it that insurance companies don't cover vision therapy?

11:00 How does the field of vision therapy temper patient expectations?

13:00 Teaching patients to take ownership over their therapy.

Thanks again to Dr. Barry for coming on the show, you can get in touch with Dr. Barry with the link below.

Stay tuned for part 2 of our conversation! 

Thanks for listening!

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