November 11, 2019 Patch

On November 11th we will be releasing a software patch

On November 11th we will be releasing a software patch that contains the following changes:

Software Interface Changes: 

  • Patient List now displays the Home Activation Code - GREEN for an Active patient, GRAY for an Inactive patient, and blank for a patient who has never been assigned a Vivid Vision Home license
  • Search bar above the Patient List allows you to find patients by Home Activation Code or ID Number, as well as by name
  • Renamed the "Back" button which returns to the patient list as "Patients"
  • Bubbles, Step Vergence & Jump Duction - added "Occlusion & Blur" toggle to enable the respective settings; by default, these options are disabled as they are not recommended in these activities
  • Dominant Eye may now be changed in each individual Home activity; if not manually overridden, it will remain the same as the global setting
  • Home tab for an inactive patient who previously had a license now displays the previously assigned activities
  • Added a warning in the Home tab that appears if the patient's currently assigned license is awaiting payment
  • Fixed an issue where a patient without previously saved settings could load with non-default settings
  • If the Leap Control Panel application is not detected, the toggle for the Leap Motion controller ("Hand Camera") will be turned off and hidden

VR/Patient-View Window: 

  • Added a notification to the VR monitor window which appears when the headset may be in the system menu and unable to see Vivid Vision
  • Step Vergence & Jump Duction - the correct amount of virtual prism is now applied while in BU or BD mode and left eye is dominant
  • Bubbles - fixed an issue where a large green object could appear at the game start
  • Bubbles - made sure the text instruction would always be visible if hands are obstructing the area for more than a few seconds
  • Ring Runner - post-activity results display no longer disappears a few moments after the game ends

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