Experience vision therapy in virtual reality at the Northwest Congress of Optometry!

The most advanced virtual reality vision care platform is coming to the 2018 Northwest Congress of Optometry!
The most advanced virtual reality vision care platform is coming to the 2018 Northwest Congress of Optometry!
Hi! This is James Blaha,
the CEO and founder of Vivid Vision, and we’re looking forward to seeing you at the 2018 Northwest Congress of Optometry in Forest Grove, Oregon. Visit us at our booth to learn more about how we use virtual reality to improve binocular vision through testing and treatment!
Can’t make it to the conference?

We are available to do in-office demos on Friday the 23rd and Monday the 26th. Click Here to schedule a one-on-one demo with one of our Vivid Vision clinical experts!

Mention this email to receive our conference special:
  • $1000 discount for duration of the conference
  • Vivid Vision Home unit
  • 30 days free trial period
  • One year of premium support
  • Flexible financing, lease-to-own, and pay-per-use purchase programs
  • Ask us about our doctor locator and patient referral program!
Don’t miss out on the presentation by Dr. Kadet, OD, FCOVD: “Virtual Reality in the treatment of Strabismus, Amblyopia, and Binocular Dysfunctions” at 1:30 PM on Saturday, Feb. 24th!
In addition, we are hosting a Wine Happy Hour starting at 5:00pm Saturday, February 24th. Stop by and say hello to Amina and Monica, our VR Vision Therapy Technical Specialists!
Why try Vivid Vision?
This vision therapy system created by doctors and vision scientists is designed for treating amblyopia, strabismus, and other binocular vision disorders.
There’s no better time to add Vivid Vision technology to your practice, so schedule a one-on-one in-office demo Friday the 23rd or Monday the 26th with one of our Vivid Vision clinical experts!
For more information about the conference, including schedule and a full list of speakers click here: http://oepf.org
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