Your March Update is Here!

The March update for your Vivid Vision clinical and home software is here!

Our update to the Vivid Vision Home and clinical system will be released on Monday, 2 March, at 10 am US Pacific Time (7 pm CET and Tuesday, 3 March at 5 am AEDT). You will get a notification of a Vivid Vision software update when you launch Vivid Vision. Please plan accordingly to minimize disruptions with your therapy schedule. 


Bullseye is Available for Vivid Vision Home! 

We’re excited to add Bullseye to your Vivid Vision Home activity list. Bullseye will be supported across all Vivid Vision Home platforms. 

If you don’t have access to Bullseye in your clinical system, please email: or contact your Vivid Vision distributor.

The Pepper Picker white flag feature is now included in Vivid Vision Home. If a patient is unable to locate a fruit or pepper, have them grab the white flag and drop it in the basket. This action will reveal the produce momentarily and then reset the scene with new produce.

Launcher Tabs News, Help, and Adverse Events have small changes to their layouts, and a new About tab is now included that provides information about your Vivid Vision clinical system. 

Make sure to use the Help tab to submit a support ticket if you have a problem with your software or hardware.


The following bugs were addressed:
  • Fixed an issue where if different users played Vivid Vision Home on the same device without restarting the app, the next user's session data could appear as if it belonged to the previous user. Data from past occurrences of this issue is being corrected. 
  • 4-Dot test second test step text fixed

The updated Vivid Vision Home PDF user manual can be found here.

We love to hear your feedback!  Send us a message to and let us know what you think of the new features!

Until next time,
The Vivid Vision Team

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