A Vivid Vision Holiday Gift for You!

We’ve heard your requests and we want to help you use Vivid Vision Home in a time-efficient and effective way.  As our gift to you, we’ve put together some resources to help in this process.

Everyone at Vivid Vision wishes you a Happy New Year!

We’ve heard your requests and we want to help you use Vivid Vision Home in a time-efficient and effective way. Together, we can reach more patients and provide more treatment options to your patients! As our gift to you, we’ve put together some resources to help in this process. 

As part of your conversation with patients, please use the attached Vivid Vision Home One-Sheet to save you time and keep the idea salient with your patients once they leave the office. It also provides a space for you to dispense their Vivid Vision Home activation code if applicable. 

We’ve also attached a revitalized Vivid Vision Therapy Guide. This resource provides your team with some general treatment guidelines and best practices for efficient management of Vivid Vision Home patients.

Our final time-saving gift is that Vivid Vision now has a support team to assist all your patients directly with the Vivid Vision Home setup process! Don’t waste your valuable office time troubleshooting or setting up hardware—let us take care of that for you! Upon dispensing Vivid Vision Home, instruct your patients to call us at 1-877-877-0310 for set-up support.

As an ongoing effort to share valuable resources with you, we will be launching the “Vividly Aware” newsletter this month. Watch your inbox for this resource that will provide advice straight from other providers, best practices, case reviews, product updates, and more!

Wishing you the best,
The Vivid Vision Clinical Team
Phone: 1-877-877-0310

“Vivid Vision has been an answer to prayer for our family since we are able to do it from home with less traveling back and forth.” 
Bridgette Olinghouse
(Vivid Vision Home Parent)

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