Help Your Doctor Get Vivid Vision

A request from patients like you is often the deciding factor for clinics thinking about providing Vivid Vision.

Step 1: Download the kit

Click the link above to download the patient kit.

Step 2: Share it with your doctor

Print it out before your next visit or email them.

Step 3: Your doctor becomes a provider

You can now use Vivid Vision with your doctor.

Vivid Vision's Patient Kit

What's in the Kit

The kit contains all of the information that your doctor will need to get Vivid Vision and begin using it with patients.

Once they contact us and get set up with Vivid Vision, you will be able to work with them to use Vivid Vision Home or Vivid Vision Clinical.

  • Vivid Vision Clinical overview
  • How to get started with Vivid Vision Home
  • A message from our team
  • Contact information