Mamiko Sy, Optometrist
Mamiko Sy, Optometrist
Address: Calle Industria cor Calle Economia,
Topy’s Place Commercial Building, Ground Floor,
Bagumbayan Quezon City, Philippines
Phone: +65 8638-4007
Hours:Mondays to Saturdays 10AM to 6PM
Closed on Holidays
Active Home Provider Certified Clinical Provider

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Betsy Yaros
QCPH Vision Rehab and Development Center is a Vivid Vision Certified provider.
Melissa Daniels, Patient

" After my strabismus surgery, it was Vivid Vision Home that helped reteach my brain to use both eyes and it only took a few weeks to see a huge improvement. "

Melissa Daniels Patient

QCPH Vision Rehab and Development Center is an eye clinic in Quezon City, NCR, Philippines specializing in vision therapy and binocular vision offering treatment for amblyopia, strabismus, convergence disorders, visual-perceptual problems, and more using Vivid Vision as part of their comprehensive vision therapy program.

QCPH Vision Rehab and Development Center prescribes Vivid Vision Home so you can do vision therapy in the comfort of your own house.